Why Is Liz De La Torres Rodriguez; The White Lady That Falsely Accused An Innocent Black Of Stealing Her Son’s Phone Not Arrested For Making A False Police Report? She Works At Kaiser Situated At Riverside California


Moreno Valley Walmart outlet earlier this week during which he claims the girl ‘falsely’ accused him of stealing her son’s cellphone. After Bryant posted the video to social media, the “Walmart Karen” was identified as Liz de la Torres. Based on the T-shirt she was carrying, it was additionally revealed that she is an employee of Kaiser Permanente.

And like most of you, I’ve watched plenty of documentaries in regards to the Holocaust, because I wish to know how to prevent it in other folks. A survivor who has survived and survived and survived and survived. Internet sleuths zoomed in on the woman’s shirt which had the name and brand of Kaiser Permanente, a healthcare organization in California. She has reportedly since been recognized gerald levert funeral as Liz de la Torres, a Kaiser employee. The man finally heads back inside to speak to an worker, when the woman’s son walks in with the phone in question. The incident quickly went viral on social media with commentators who had observed the woman sporting a Kaiser Permanente shirt reaching out to her employer, demanding that ‘Walmart Karen’ be fired.

Ballotpedia options 356,781 encyclopedic articles written and curated by our skilled employees of editors, writers, and researchers. The two entered the Walmart once more, and Bryant knowledgeable an employee she had run after him. When the employee advised Bryant he couldn’t report, he replied, “this is for my security.” Seconds later the woman’s son approached alongside with his telephone in his hand. In the weeks main as much as the election, varied politicians began write-in campaigns.

Imagine your youngsters, your grandchildren, going to school in the next three generations and hearing that their moms were compelled into concentration camps. Someone even observed that she is carrying a @kpthrive shirt. Sad instance for her youngsters,” stated another Twitter. “The fact that she is unable to be remorseful about the scenario is why this continues to occur because she felt she is appropriate to falsely accuse somebody of a legal offense. This might have gone left a couple different ways,” mentioned one Twitter user.

I really have a couple of questions right now to ensure you perceive what you’re asking. The other in-between group, in fact, is the group of people which are in the course of the controversy that is taking place. The center group is the group that is being affected by all of the different items of the story, the one that is being attacked.

“From what I even have found, her name is Liz and she or he works on the Kaiser off Magnolia in Riverside. The shirt she is sporting is worn at #KaiserPermanente. Hey, @aboutKP who is that this lady and do you approve of this behavior? The two entered the Walmart again, and Bryant informed an employee she had run after him.

“Once once more, our persons are being subjected to unjust racial profiling & harassment over a CELLPHONE! She didn’t even have the frequent decency to apologize for her FALSE accusation! This habits is disgusting & incredibly dangerous!! ” outspoken civil rights lawyer Ben Crump wrote on Twitter. By social media, standing within the parking lot with her cellphone to her ear. While the start of the man’s exchange with the lady was not captured on video, Ja’Shear Bryant claims the lady in some unspecified time in the future began falsely accusing him of stealing her younger child’s phone.

On Monday, July 12, California resident Ya’Shear Bryant posted a video on Facebook of an alleged incident of racial profiling at a Walmart. Bryant claimed the woman falsely accused him of stealing her younger son’s cell phone. “I know I’m black with tattoos, so it mechanically assumes I really have them,” she said in the video. Now, the company that this lady is allegedly employed by is investigating the matter. A lady racially profiles and falsely accuses black man of stealing her son’s phone at Walmart in Moreno Valley, California. An harmless African American man filmed his encounter with a racist woman who he says adopted him out of a California Walmart and falsely accused him of stealing her son’s telephone in Moreno Valley.

Video captures the woman complained to a retailer supervisor while Ja’Shear accuses ‘Karen’ – a pejorative term used to describe a white lady exacting her sense of privilege or superiority to others – of ‘racially profiling’ him. “She runs as a lot as me and says, ‘Excuse me, you have my son’s phone? Liz de la Torres works at Kaiser across from Magnolia in Riverside. The shirt she wears is used in #KaiserPermanente. Hey @aboutKP, who is this woman and do you approve of this behavior?