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Moreover, modeling variations between terminologies make semantic harmonization tough. For UMD2012 , eight pairs of congruent ideas had been found to be synonyms. For GO, extra instances the place one congruent concept is a potential mother or father of the other had been found than different classifications. For our instances 2) and 3), related work in MIREOT defines a set of tips for importing classes from external ontologies and proposes an automatic mechanism and a minimal data standard for selectively importing courses into an ontology.

Another method to harmonize is to mix two singing voices or two devices in a way that sounds pleasing. This is the oldest that means of the word, which in the sardoodledom definition end comes from the Greek harmonia, “harmony of sounds” or “settlement.” Join Macmillan Dictionary on Twitter and Facebook for every day word information, quizzes and language information.

The UMLS supplies many idea pairs from totally different terminologies, where algorithmically made structural observations increase the question the way to harmonize these concepts. In this paper, we identified one such structural statement “structurally congruent concepts” and indicated the other ways how such a congruency may be resolved. However, the semantic harmonization cannot be accomplished without the consent of terminology curators.

However, Terminology 1 omits the classification by Y and Terminology 2 omits the classification by X. •Semantic gaps in current plant trait ontologies and terminologies are highlighted. •A workflow is developed for the automated integration of plant trait measurements.

Figure four reveals a case where one congruent concept was deemed a mother or father of the other by the auditor. That means that idea A could also be validly assigned X and Y as its kids. However, these two assignments are indicative of two alternative ways of clustering the grandchildren of A. Furthermore, concept B could also be accurately categorised as a child of X and as a baby of Y.

Previously, we’ve developed algorithmic and mixed human-computer auditing strategies for the UMLS and a few of its source terminologies . Auditing may also uncover ideas which are synonymous in real life however are coded as completely different within the UMLS. Occasionally two terminologies in overlapping domains “cut the world at totally different joints,” which makes ontology alignment and ontology integration difficult. In such a situation, the same conceptual knowledge could also be categorised in different ways.

•Trait measurements are linked to ontologies, vocabularies and metadata standards. Second, as in a typical market totally different environmental requirements could result in distortion of competition, the harmonization of requirements is often demanded by political actors. Harmonization of environmental standards throughout countries can have significant effects on the situation of companies and geographic dispersion of emissions. However, there was a sort of regulatory ‘race to the highest’ of car emissions requirements that was driven by the need for harmonization.