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As an expert blog post writer, I would like to focus on providing information about the popular Indian Tamil-language film, “Ethir Neechal,” and discuss its soundtrack. “Ethir Neechal” is a heartwarming sports comedy-drama film directed by R.S. Durai Senthilkumar and produced by Dhanush under the banner of Wunderbar Films. The film features Sivakarthikeyan, Priya Anand, and Nandita Swetha in lead roles, with music composed by Anirudh Ravichander. The film was a critical and commercial success, garnering praise for its engaging storyline, performances, and music.

Overview of Ethir Neechal:

“Ethir Neechal” revolves around the life of Kunjithapatham, played by Sivakarthikeyan, an underachiever who faces constant criticism due to his name, which translates to “useless” in English. Kunjithapatham decides to change his identity and prove his worth by setting a new record in a marathon.

Soundtrack of Ethir Neechal:

One of the key highlights of “Ethir Neechal” is its exceptional soundtrack, composed by the talented musician Anirudh Ravichander. The songs in the film have resonated with audiences and have become popular across the country. The soundtrack features a diverse range of songs, including peppy tracks, soulful melodies, and motivational anthems, making it a memorable musical experience for listeners.

Here are some of the standout tracks from the Ethir Neechal soundtrack:

1. “Velicha Poove” – This romantic track captures the essence of love and longing, beautifully sung by Mohit Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal. The soulful lyrics and melodious composition make it a favorite among fans.

2. “Boomi Enna Suthudhe” – A high-energy, foot-tapping number that celebrates life and encourages listeners to seize the day. The vibrant beats and catchy rhythms make it a perfect song for motivation and energy.

3. “Ethir Neechal” – The title track of the film is an anthem of perseverance and determination. Sung by Yo Yo Honey Singh, this song inspires listeners to push past their limits and chase their dreams relentlessly.

4. “Local Boys” – A peppy and fun track that captures the essence of friendship and camaraderie. The energetic beats and lively vocals make it a popular choice for parties and celebrations.

5. “Un Paarvayil” – This soulful and poignant track explores the theme of love and separation. Sung with emotion by the talented Anirudh Ravichander, the song strikes a chord with listeners with its heartfelt lyrics and moving composition.


In conclusion, “Ethir Neechal” is not just a film but an experience that resonates with audiences through its engaging storyline, stellar performances, and unforgettable music. The soundtrack of the film, composed by Anirudh Ravichander, is a testament to the power of music in enhancing storytelling and eliciting emotions. Whether you are a fan of Tamil cinema or simply appreciate good music, the songs of “Ethir Neechal” are sure to leave a lasting impact.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ethir Neechal:

1. Is Ethir Neechal available for streaming on any online platforms?
Yes, “Ethir Neechal” is available for streaming on various platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar.

2. Who are the lead actors in Ethir Neechal?
The lead actors in Ethir Neechal are Sivakarthikeyan, Priya Anand, and Nandita Swetha.

3. What is the genre of Ethir Neechal?
Ethir Neechal is a sports comedy-drama film that revolves around the theme of perseverance and determination.

4. Who composed the music for Ethir Neechal?
The music for Ethir Neechal was composed by Anirudh Ravichander, known for his exceptional musical talent.

5. Are the songs from Ethir Neechal available for download on music streaming platforms?
Yes, the songs from Ethir Neechal are available for download and streaming on popular music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Gaana.

6. What is the runtime of Ethir Neechal?
The runtime of Ethir Neechal is approximately 129 minutes.

7. How was the reception of Ethir Neechal by audiences and critics?
Ethir Neechal received positive reviews from both audiences and critics for its engaging storyline, performances, and music.

8. Is there a sequel planned for Ethir Neechal?
As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding a sequel to Ethir Neechal.

9. Can the soundtrack of Ethir Neechal be purchased in physical format?
Yes, the soundtrack of Ethir Neechal is available for purchase in physical CD format at leading music stores and online retailers.

10. Are there any behind-the-scenes documentaries available for Ethir Neechal?
There are no official documentaries released for Ethir Neechal; however, fans can find some interesting behind-the-scenes snippets on the film’s official social media pages.


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