Eight Years Of Dateline’s Missing In America


Alicia’s mom Jessica describes her daughter as someone who is usually shy or anxious in some social situations, considering Alicia has been diagnosed with excessive functioning autism and frequently takes medicine. With that, Alicia had a social life, was huge into gaming, and would often stay up late enjoying online video games like Minecraft while speaking and texting with faculty friends. “I thought my daughter was safe inside my home because she was inside my home, without understanding I had folks in my residence via social media,” Nunez stated of Navarro’s online friendships. This is why I always go through every little thing my daughter does on Roblox.

Alicia Navarro went missing within the early hours of September fifteenth, 2019. Alicia Navarro is on the autism spectrum and has several different diagnoses. Alicia left her home without her essential drugs. There has been zero sightings of Alicia since she left her residence.

I hope somehow she’ll be discovered alive and okay but given the length of time, that seems exceedingly unlikely. Unfortunately there are not any suspects, at least any which were released as public information. Her laptop and telephone have been each turned off by the point her mother realized she had left so regulation enforcement hasn’t been in a position maegan adkins barras to ping it or look by way of her messages. They seemed through all of the messages of the accounts her mom knew she had however apparently she had some that she hid from her mother that they can not get into. Prior to her disappearance, her mother acknowledged that she had a difficulty with a grown man talking to her online.

The case was turned over to the FBI in 2020, but it’s unknown if federal involvement has continued. I posted about her case proper when it occurred since foolish me didn’t know concerning the 6 month rule. It’s crazy to me that there is barely any new results in this day and I actually feel for her mom.

I consider they stated the police did look into it however didn’t assume it was linked to her disappearance because it occurred 2 years prior. I don’t know if they appeared into it independently and seen if this person was in communication with different kids or not though if that’s what you would possibly be referring to. Unless parents have a HARD discuss online predators and aggressively monitor their internet utilization through their phone histories and their web historical past. I’m sorry about invading somebody’s privacy however I’ve had more then one good friend lured into a foul situation and one friend kidnapped and raped for 2 weeks. For something like this you can request the company release the logs to aid in finding the missing person.

Alicia has high-functioning autism and wears braces. She seems younger for her age, and has a noticeable scar on her proper knuckles. Alicia left home carrying a white sweatshirt, a whitewash denim total skirt, and black and white Vans sneakers. She might have taken her silver Macbook Pro laptop computer with her. Alicia was last seen on September 15, 2019 in Glendale, Arizona.

Alicia Navarro was reported lacking on Sunday. It’s now almost Friday, and the family is getting determined. Alicia has excessive functioning autism and is not in a capacity to be on her personal for an prolonged time frame. She deals with anxiousness going outside, sensory points, and the food she eats could be very explicit. There was a notice left, but with her incapability to be independent and the amount of time that has passed makes her family think somebody is keeping/hiding her.

I marvel why the police have not been in a place to trace actually something. I agree it’s tough however it’s not unimaginable to hint her device exercise. I actually feel just like the police have let this case down. Alicia Navarro left a notice promising to return a week earlier than her fifteenth birthday.