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Victoria Erickson is a grounded idealist who’s been writing the world awake since she was a toddler. Forever embodied and heart driven, she believes deeply in innate wildness, creativity, intuitive body intelligence, and in harnessing the ability of sensitivity. A rising social media sensation, she is the creator of two in style books- Edge of Wonder, and Rhythms and Roads. It’s known as Rise TV. The channel is an outgrowth of Edge of Wonder, a YouTube channel that hosted numerous conspiratorial movies. The channel was removed from Youtube in 2021, however the group continued to function via its web site and different social media platforms including Facebook.

Yet this violent upheaval is talked about repeatedly by Q, adding that the National Guard should be deployed and Trump shall be taken by Air Force One to safety. At no point in this video are critical QAnon concepts, like a mass execution of pedophile “trafficking rings,” mentioned. The complete concept of “the Storm,” first talked about as the name for this mass purge, is downplayed to the purpose of being mentioned as soon as in passing as if it barely exists. One of the hosts casually mentions the time that “Q made his first post,” not bothering to mention that it was a claim that Hillary Clinton was about to be arrested, which nonetheless hasn’t occurred.

He or his offspring lives in Chicago now and is seen so often that people finding out sightings, their location, descriptions and timing assume there should be more than one of those wonky humanoid creature undulating within the skies of Chicago. Episode 1 reveals that solely by understanding ourselves as ecosystems, rather than singular organisms, can we perceive and defeat the illnesses that destroy hundreds of thousands of lives each year. Edge of Wonder uncovers the reality about historic Atlantis, Antarctica, and Egypt—and how their secrets and techniques may change every little thing we expect we learn about historical past. In 2018, World of Wonder launched a streaming service known as WOW Presents Plus.

Edge of Wonder units out on a Transhumanism Tour to find the reality about programmable monkeys, but finds out the hidden historical past of eugenics, modern-day technology, and social implications of human manipulation. After listening to the gut-wrenching story of three sisters who had been tortured in China, Singer-songwriter and human rights activist James H. White flies across the Atlantic to uncover a fair bigger, extra sinister threat darkened by decades of media silence. None of the basic public lustings for executions, none of the violent ideation, none of the failed predictions, and not considered one of the bizarre numerology or chilly studying elements are talked about. Nor is the cultish following the motion has gained, the grifters making money off the motion, or the brigading of outsiders on Twitter if they run afoul of Q. The rest of the videos on the playlist are interviews with major figures within the “disclosure”/QAnon community, all of whom take every thing Q posts on faith. Like the earlier videos, none embrace any of the weird or troubling elements, nor the many other conspiracy theories one is required to embrace to fully perceive QAnon.

The second video is an equally slick attack on “the media,” which is all the time talked about as a monolithic liberal entity that refuses to acknowledge the rightness of Q. The clarification that Counts and Chasteen give for why the media doesn’t talk about Q is baffling and incomprehensible and ignores both the existence of Trump-friendly shops like Fox News, and much of what they’ve already said in their first video about “media hit pieces” on Q. The Daily Dot watched all of the QAnon-related movies Edge of Wonder has made for the rationale that channel dropped its first two videos in August 2018, in addition to those in a 14-video “QAnon playlist” it made. Special instances call for special measures, so we are launching a new series, Edge of Wonder Special Report. In this episode of #EdgeofWonder we are going to find out all about this controversy and see if there’s really anything to it, since as everyone knows Everybody Hertz…sometimes.

Viewers might additionally watch the old content material on an Edge of Wonder Roku channel as well however they may now not find the channel listed in Roku’s search. It has changed its name to Rise TV. The branding change comes on the heels of the actual launch of Rise TV which was celebrated on the group’s Facebook web page on July 9. Equal parts old soul and starry eyed baby, Erickson encourages us to find the depth and that means within our lives, reminding us to remain true to our own paths, while embracing both the ache and the sweetness at the coronary heart of actuality. In this remarkably beautiful assortment of poems and musings, Victoria Erickson calls us to the core of our personal aliveness with an ongoing invitation to inhabit a life fiercely lived. Artfully weaving phrases like a vivid tapestry, she gently reaches into the soul and invites us to swim in an ocean of hope, repeatedly choosing love and on an everyday basis magic over concern and resistance. For seller-fulfilled items from Fine Art category, the sellers need to be knowledgeable of the injury / defect within 10 days of delivery.

There may be a lead on finding Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 via a very mysterious message that was acquired recently. Is it one other clickbait story or did they really discover something this time? Reportedly a cellphone of a twitter user named Ty received the message on March thirteenth. At first this was blown off, and the Twitter person, Ty was criticized for posting the message and later shut down his twitter account quickly after as a outcome of he obtained a lot consideration for his post. The first sightings of the famed mothman were in Point Pleasant, West Virginia the place it was one way or the other tied to a tragic bridge collapse.

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