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Helps ensure Data Integrity and are normally expressed as guidelines. Which of the following is the process of getting oxygen from the environment to the tissues of the body? In the ____ model, every father or mother can have many youngsters, however each baby has only one father or mother. They can serve as a commu-nica-tion software be-tween the users and de-sign-ers. They permit the de-sign-er to set com-pany poli-cies with re-gard to information. A ____’s main perform is that will assist you understand the complexities of the real-world setting.

________ are the people who use application programs to run the group’s day by day operations. A knowledge ________ develops when all the required changes within the redundant data aren’t made successfully. Data ________ exists when the identical data are saved unnecessarily at completely different locations.

The application programmer’s view of the info surroundings. A information attribute in which a change within the database schema affects information entry, thus requiring adjustments in all entry packages. Activities that make a database carry out more effectively in terms of storage and access velocity.

• Question eight ____ exists when totally different variations of the same data seem elsewhere. • Question 9 The ____ mannequin is the tip users’ view of the information some, especially those in business, complain that the sarbanes-oxley act and similar legislation setting. • Question 10 A ____ represents a particular sort of object in the real world. • Question 11 A ____ is anything about which information are to be collected and saved.

If you create a lot of sophisticated guidelines that you know shall be confusing, then you are probably doing what is named “code golfing”. A noun in a enterprise rule interprets to a ____ within the information model. A noun in a enterprise rule translates to a _____ in the data mannequin.

For instance, the Age attribute may be derived by subtracting the delivery date from the current date. One or extra attributes that determine different attributes. The use of the same name to label different attributes. A property of any model or software that doesn’t rely upon the software program used to implement it.

A noun in a business rule translates to an entity in the information model. A hierarchy primarily based on the top-down strategy of figuring out lower-level, extra specific entity subtypes from a higher-level entity supertype. Specialization is based on grouping unique traits and relationships of the subtypes.