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Tinky Winky and Po have nice fun bashing away at the keys, but after they play properly, they play a beautiful tune. A Voice Trumpet rises and sings Po a nursery rhyme referred to as I Had a Little Nut Tree. The Teletubbies watch some kids making a lot of various things utilizing gold and silver. Laa-Laa decides to go for a stroll and finds an attractive golden tree with silver leaves. She fetches Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Po to see the gold and silver tree. The Teletubbies play games amongst the hills and watch somewhat lady painting a picture of her Mum.

Later, the Teletubbies go as a lot as the path to do the Jumping Dance. Then The Magic Windmill begins to spin and the Teletubbies rush off to see the Magical Event of the Bear and Lion enjoying their cover and seek sport in Teletubbyland. The “Tubby Bye-Bye” sequence then takes place and The Baby Sun sets within the sky.

Tinky Winky and Po snicker as they act out the nursery rhyme. Tinky Winky pretends to be the Mouse and goes up the slide, Po pulls a lever and a Big Bell rings, then Tinky Winky comes back down. When the Voice Trumpet says ‘ The clock struck eight ‘ Po pulls the lever eight times and Tinky Winky goes up and down the slide eight times. Then the Magic Windmill begins to spin and the Teletubbies watch the Magic Tree earlier than the Magic Windmill stops spinning as the “Tubby Bye-Bye” sequence takes place. In Teletubbyland, Tinky Winky is strolling on a hill, Dipsy joins in too, Laa Laa joins in, and in order Po, they now say hello to the viewers. Then they rush off to watch Simone and Cacha make vibrant costumes after which dance in a carnival.

The Teletubbies love to run around and round Teletubbyland, however cease to watch three youngsters make some Play-Doh. The Tubby Toaster makes a giant piece of Tubby Toast. Laa-Laa, Dipsy and Tinky Winky think it’s too big, however Po does not.

A voice trumpet seems and says the nursery rhyme referred to as, “Ride A Cock Horse” making Laa-Laa joining in then she bumps into Dipsy. She and Dipsy do that once more and stumble upon Tinky Winky and Po who’re additionally becoming a member of in. They all do the nursery rhyme again and fall over. The Magic Windmill spins and the Tap Dancing Teddy Bear in his platform appears in Teletubbyland.

The Teletubbies watch some youngsters having enjoyable with a person nicknamed “Stickman” who asks for a names of phrases and asks the youngsters to stretch phrases and sounds longer. ‘ to the audience when a voice trumpet rises and says a humorous the sculpture garden ice rink joke. Po finds the joke very humorous.Tinky Winky seems and Laa-Laa and Po tell him the joke. Tinky Winky finds the joke very humorous as well.