Solved 10 Which Of The Next Statements Is


F) Virtual photographs outcome when reflected light rays diverge. G) Virtual images could be projected onto a sheet of paper. E) Virtual photographs aren’t actual; therefore, you would never see them by looking in a mirror.

F is false; real pictures result when mirrored light rays converge to a point. Virtual picture is fashioned after the sunshine rays are mirrored from the mirror. In A, the picture is actual and its distance is further from the mirror than the object. This could only occur when the thing is positioned between C and F of a concave mirror.

Light that is not transmitted by opaque supplies is… Rank these three kinds of radiation by their capability to penetrate a web page of a book, from biggest penetration to least. Alpha particle. Beta particle. Gamma rays are electromagnetic radiation and so have no cost.

It is as if the curved mirror is made from many small plane mirrors at barely different orientations to one another. Total inner reflection occurs when the speed of sunshine in a fabric is _________. Nah, digital images can’t be the different way up.

Assume that the TLB hit ratio is 95%, web page fault price is 10%. Assume that for 20% of the total page faults, a grimy page must be written back to disk before the required web page is learn in from disk. TLB update time is negligible. The common memory entry time in ns is ______. This is a true assertion.

Finally, suppose the mirrors are adjusted to a 180-degree angle to form a single aircraft. At such an angle, only one image can be formed. As the angle is elevated in order to stop the spread of industrial technology britain, the number of pictures decreases. A real picture can only be made with a converging lens.

Thus, write back cache requires two bits one is legitimate bit and one other is dirty bit. Some type of hardware assist is required to inform apart between these pages that are in memory and people are on the disk. Valid and invalid bits are used for this. Principle of locality is the proper reply, therefore possibility 3 is the proper answer. Virtual images are always smaller than the object.

Virtual photographs could be fashioned by concave, convex and aircraft mirrors. The digital image is an upright image that can be achieved where the rays seem to diverge however do not converge in reality. The virtual picture is an image obtained from an optical system such that the light rays from the source do not cross to form a picture. These mild rays are obtained behind the mirror. Virtual images outcome when incident mild from the object strikes the mirror, displays and diverges. The digital picture is positioned behind the mirror on the spot the place the mirrored rays would converge if extended behind the mirror.