Pissy queen Noun. A fastidious over fussy homosexual male. ‘prissy queen’. E.g.”Oh, so you’ve got finally received up out of your pit then? ” pitch a tent Vrb phrs. To have an erection while carrying clothes. The worst conceivable scenario, place or particular person.

Of psychopath. U.S.] pub crawl Noun. A ingesting session held by visiting a series of pubs or bars. Pubes Noun. Pubic hair. Pub grub Noun.

Plonk Noun. Cheap or inferior wine. Poon RT, Fan ST, Yu WC, Lam BK, Chan FY, Wong J. A potential longitudinal research of quality of life after resection of hepatocellular carcinoma. Saleh, G., El-Sayed, M., Nashed, G. A., & Gad, M.

Cigarette papers. Of paranoid. E.g.”I was feeling a bit para so I hid in the rest room.” paraffin Noun. A tramp, a vagrant.

Multiple journeys to the bathroom later , I asked myself a query I ought to have days ago, “why not simply cut out the middleman and go commando? ” I wasn’t the first particular person to contemplate this. Many comments on the TikTok video echoed the identical sentiment, with people arguing the contraption was just a “glorified panty liner” and we had been higher off without it. Heits N, Meer G, Bernsmeier A, Guenther R, Malchow B, Kuechler T, Becker T, Braun F. Mode of allocation and social demographic components correlate with impaired high quality of life after liver transplantation.

Paddling in water or mud. [North-east use] plod magazine Noun. A pornographic journal unallegated.

However, no concise analysis has been performed for patients with primary liver cancers . Zheng W, Wu J, Xiao J-R, Guo Q. Survival and health-related quality of life in patients with spinal metastases originated from major hepatocellular carcinoma. Shun S-C, Chiou J-F, Lai Y-H, Yu P-J, Wei L-L, Tsai J-T, Kao C-Y, Hsiao Y-L. Changes in high quality of life and its associated factors in liver cancer patients receiving stereotactic radiation therapy. Cancer-type-specific HRQoL should be measured via the EORTC QLQ-HCC18 or FACT-Hep.

Usually heard in questions corresponding to “What’s your poison?”, that means “What would you like to drink?” poison dwarf Noun. An disagreeable, diminutive particular person. Of males, to have sexual activity with. Anything unsatisfactory, ineffective or unpleasant. By extension of the which means in noun 1. E.g.”Actually I thought the film was plop and I nearly walked out after half an hour.” plug-ugly Adj.