Pathfinder Campaign Setting Technology Guide Pdf


A gravity rifle is a bigger, more highly effective model of the gravity pistol, and features as such apart from the differences listed right here. An EMP pistol emits a beam of electromag netic energy that can’t hurt residing creatures, but deals terri ble harm to robots. An EMP pistol can hurt androids and creatures with cybernetic implants, but they take half damage from a h it. A creature that is critically hit by an EMP pistol and takes injury from that hit should succeed at a DC 15 Fortitude save or be staggered for 1d4 rounds. Each lab also lists the variety of charges required for a day’s work on a single project—these numbers are usually somewhat excessive, and laboratories that don’t draw energy from a generator can devour staggering amounts of battery energy.

This adds an additional spherical to the ability verify, or m u ltiple rounds for complicated q uestions. For every 5 factors by which the Al’s result exceeds 1 zero, the bonus on the al ly’s examine will increase by 1 . Brown e-picks a l low a person to make Disable Device checks towards electronic devices with out penalty; these of higher ratings a lso grant a competence bonus . See web page 5 for extra i nformation on how the Disable Device talent works with regard to expertise. Or exhausted, the person of a frenzych i p can activate it as a swift action. While lively, it grants a +2 morale bonus to Strength and Dexterity, a +1 morale bonus on Reflex saving throws, and a -2 penalty ___.

The wearer applies the armor’s AC bonus in opposition to touch and ranged contact attacks that deal energy injury. In addition, the inssuit provides resist power 5 towards chilly, acid, and electricity. CONSTRUCTION I CRAFT DC 24 I COST 9,62 5 GP Craft Technological Arms and Armor, m i l itary lab PRICE 1 0,000 G P MAX DEX + 4 SPEED (30 FT.) 20 ft. A monowhip is a deadly melee weapon able to inflicting horrible wounds, even in the hands of the weak. An inactive monowhip looks like a short steel baton, however when it is activated, a small weight detaches, revealing a 1 5-foot-long monofilament length. Wielded like a whip, a monowhip slices deeply into targets and can inflict grievous critical hits with stunning ease.

Most of the technological wonders presented here require energy to perform. An item’s capability may be filled from any power source—like a battery or a generator—as a normal action. The equipment offered in this part is described in full working situation and priced as such. While a high-technology setting could have many fully functional technological gadgets in it, that is not the case in the marketing campaign setting. Equipment that has been broken or degraded over time works less consistently and is price less money than new technological objects. An item’s capacity could be filled from any energy source—like a battery or a generator—as a standard motion.

Ifthe creator cannot dedicate a minimum of four hours of work throughout a day , any work performed that day is wasted. A character can work on a number of technological objects at a time, and even in the same day as lengthy as at least 2 hours web labor can be spent on each merchandise. This doesn’t let a creator exceed the limits on work accomplished in order to stop the spread of industrial technology in a single day, however does require separate power expenditures for each item . Technological objects may be repaired using the suitable crafting feats in the identical method magical objects may be repaired, but such methods can’t restore the more elementary ravages of time that afflict timeworn technological objects.

If both legs are replaced, they i ncrease the user’s base land velocity by 10 feet and grant a +5 bonus to CMD against journey makes an attempt and a +5 circumstance bonus on Acrobatics checks. The listed value, implantation, and i nstal l D C are for having two legs installed. A single cybernetic leg prices half the value and half the listed implantation worth, however no vital bonus is granted to a creature with just one cybernetic leg. Both legs (or all legs, in the case of multi­ legged creatures) m ust be replaced for the above advantages to take impact. This padded j umpsuit is manufactured from resilient polymers interwoven with superconducting thread. It offers modest safety from standard and vitality weapons.

It a lso i n creases the sunshine stage within the space beyond this initial cone by one step, out to a 1 20-foot cone. It doesn’t enhance the light degree in regular gentle or bright mild. A flashlight has no effect in areas of magical darkness. ON Sl6NnLS Some items, like chipfinders, commsets, and detonators, can remotely interact with different objects via indicators. Furthermore, a sign can’t penetrate strong barriers nicely.

I m p la nted weapons are properly concea led; detecting one requi res a thorough search . I m p la nted wea ponry may be damaged or destroyed by sunderi n g, but cannot be d isarmed. Wea ponry i nsta l led i n a cybernetic arm does not count aga inst a creature’s i m p l a ntation l i m it. The price, value, a n d weight o f the weapon t o be i m p l a nted a re added t o the price, worth, a n d weight l isted i n this stat block. A cybernetic leg does not improve a user’s Strength rating.

The wielder m u s t be w i t h i n 60 toes of t h e robotic and should concern the command i n a language u n derstood by the robotic. The kinds of commands he can issue are s i m i l a r to these a l lowed b y a suggestion spel l-once a command i s successfu lly issued, the robot does its best to hold out the orders over the course of the subsequent hour. The sufferer takes 1d4 points of Intelligence injury every spherical, however the total amount of harm taken can never equal the victim’s precise I ntel ligence score. Each round after the primary, the victim can resist the Intel l igence damage by succeeding at a DC 16 Fortitude saving throw, at which level the damage ceases. The recurring Intel l igence damage mechanically ends after 6 rounds.

This chapter explores what expertise are wanted to work together with high-tech units and science fiction story components. Also presented are rules for crafting tech; new feats, spells, and archetypes; and a new prestige class blending magic and excessive expertise. Unlike magic gadgets, which frequently require spells as conditions for construction, high-tech items require a specialized laboratory with the mandatory tools for fabrication. Using a crafting lab to construct a high-tech merchandise consumes an quantity of power each day.