Adrien Broner Says That Mma Isn’t A Sport

Pacquiao’s probably not putting plenty of energy on these shots, however he’s fast sufficient to score. Pacquiao wtih a straight left. Pacquiao with a pair of lefts. Broner on the ropes, Pacquiao flurries.

Can’t believe he was this stage of unhealthy, did not land one single shot in spherical 12. Absolutely classless publish interview by broner what a bit of shit he’s. telling the interviewer to “deliver your motherfucking ass over right here” .disgusting. Pacquiao with a proper and he flurries.

And then 10 minutes later you might get him when he’s waaaay too biased and private and labored up. I love watching each Paulies haha. Great information all the time and infrequently just off the rails, tremendous petty rants. ☹ Watching Pac follow that right hook counter to the Ugas proper hand. Broner tried giving Pacquiao a few of that hood energy to beat Ugas. Yeah, all of the jokes aside, I favored seeing that moment between him and Pacquiao here.

Not a single opponent of pac has any blood blood or animosity in course of him. A very uncommon breed of fighter who really should not have made it this far, but he one way or the other did. You clearly see the respect for Manny that his previous opponents have for him. I will upload the video to streamable so people can watch it outside of USA. If he had mentioned “Yeah, I could not come on line in this struggle, Pac is a great fighter.” Everyone would’ve thought he’s too mediocre and that he is accomplished.

Much better fighter overall. Gatti isn’t within the hall for his boxing skills, he’s in it for being in some of the greatest and most dramatic action fights of all time. Most of them have to be to get to that stage. People think Floyd is soft cause he’s more methodic and does not like to get hit, however should you watch him when he’s shaken, he fights to remain up. Pacquiao doesn’t have something to show.

He’ll make a comeback however I’d wager all of my cash he’ll look like dogshit. AB is doubtless one of the least disciplined boxers ever imo. Pretty positive Tepora’s not making any money on this one, He’s actually in all probability going to lose money – he was grossly chubby andrew hanoun price and got stripped of his title. He’ll prob get fined and since he was strippped of his title and his fights within the near future do not have a great outlook both. This is just what fighters make for displaying up.

Broner lands a left hook. Pacquiao with a jab after lacking a left. Pacquiao straight left to the physique. That’s honestly not a nasty battle to make.

Combine that with Broner being gun shy when you hurt him early and his fight with Maidana was a recipe for catastrophe. Nice left from Pacquiao. Pacquiao with a left to the physique, a left upstairs. Broner lands a straight proper.