Adrien Broner Says He Will Struggle Manny Pacquiao At Any Weight Class!


Everybody thought holyfield was going to be killed however he shocked the boxing world. There’s so many, but lately Bradley v. Provodnikov. Besides it being a hellacious fight at instances, watching Bradley earn his redemption amongst followers, and Provodnikov winning respect, had me smiling the complete time. Really hope the rematch occurs someday. In the same spirit of vengeance that made so many people love Bradley vs Provo, Vera vs Jr was like that for me.

And I suppose lots of us hate Broner but we know what he brings to the table. He isn’t polished simply yet, but he has what it takes. He just needs to work on his trash talk.

Broner very quick straight right. Pacquiao jabs and goes to the physique ji manufacturing madill. Pacquiao with a pair of jabs.

Broner backing up and Pacquiao lands another left. Pacquiao’s probably not putting a lot of power on these pictures, however he is quick enough to attain. Pacquiao wtih a straight left. Pacquiao with a pair of lefts.

Pacquiao has worked so hard to get to the place he is and he’s come a long ass means however the fame won’t final endlessly particularly as a result of he’s Asian and , you understand. People don’t have respect for us. Do not ask for or post any streams within the sub. If you do your publish might be removed and relying on your history you’ll be banned. There is a hyperlink to order the PPV through Showtime.