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ColdFusion – Change Your Server CFIDE Mapping

If you have a need to move your coldfusion CFIDE directory then you will also need to change the CFIDE mapping in ColdFusion administrator. The problem here is that the CFIDE mapping is not editable in the administrator, so it is necessary to edit the XML file that stores the CFIDE path. This file is found in your ColdFusion install location, in my case it is located in /Applications/coldfusion9/lib/. The file we need to edit is named neo-runtime.xml. It is minified, so it is helpful to do a simple find on ‘/CFIDE’. We want to edit the string property of the var element /Applications/ColdFusion9/wwwroot/CFIDE. Change that path to your new CFIDE location and restart ColdFusion. Checking in your ColdFusion administrator Mappings should now reflect your new path.

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