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CF ORM – A CFC with entityname could not be found.

Hey Googler… restart ColdFusion before you look any further.

I just spent an hour looking for syntax errors in an entity CFC and double checking for case issues throughout an application. As it turns out, even with reinitialization, CF must have been caching and not recognizing the existence of my entity object. Upon restart of ColdFusion server the entity was found and everything worked as expected.
The error was directly related to the use of EntityNew(“EntityName”) and the error would no longer be present when removed. I found solutions which ranged from the case sensitivity, mentioned above, to problems with dependency injection or mapping errors. In the end, CF was caching and the new entity did not exist in the cache. Also, I should note that in my configuration I had coldbox.handlerCaching = false; and coldbox.eventCaching = false;
So, give CF a restart just in case, it might save you some time.

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