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ColdFusion – Change Your Server CFIDE Mapping

If you have a need to move your coldfusion CFIDE directory then you will also need to change the CFIDE mapping in ColdFusion administrator. The problem here is that the CFIDE mapping is not editable in the administrator, so it is necessary to edit the XML file that stores the CFIDE path.


CF ORM – A CFC with entityname could not be found.

I just spent an hour looking for syntax errors in an entity CFC and double checking for case issues throughout an application. As it turns out, even with reinitialization, CF must have been caching and not recognizing the existence of my entity object.


ColdFusion 9.0.2 Installation on 64bit Mountain Lion

CF Web Server Connector appears to successfully configure during installation but silently fails to connect to Apache Web server.


Apple Script: Show and Hide Hidden Files on Mac

I need to show hidden files quite often and rather than leaving the hidden files visible all the time, e.g. .localized and .DS_Store files showing on desktop, I rather toggle hidden file visibility on and off.


My FITC Boston 2011 Schedule – Want To Trade Notes?

FITC Boston, 2011 is coming up quickly and I am finding that there are some sessions that I am interested in that are being presented in the same time slot. I am planning on doing some post-conference articles here on the sessions that I am attending. If you would be interested in “Teaming Up” on sharing notes, links, and other insights on sessions then be sure to add a comment below with a link to where your post-session write-ups may be found.


Testing a Model Robotlegs EventDispatcher In FlexUnit

First off, what makes a model a Robotlegs model? There is a base class in Robotlegs which is called Actor. By extending Actor, generally used in models and services in Robotlegs applications, we are able to access a property of Actor which is named eventDispatcher. EventDispatcher is shared throughout the Robotlegs framework, thusly, any events dispatched upon the eventDispatcher may be heard across the entire application.